Friday, July 21, 2017

A 'Shacket' and a Tunic -- Butterick 6491 and Butterick 6492

Two new patterns from Butterick
for late Summer transitioning into Fall.

Butterick 6491 - Shirt or Jacket

My pattern-maker Stacey calls this a 'shacket' because it combines the best 
of a shirt and a jacket 
(plus it sounds better than a 'jackirt')
Some of what you call it depends on what fabric you are using. With lighter fabrics it's clearly a shirt. 
Use a heavier weight and you've got a jacket.  

The 'trees' fabric (sold out) is one
of the wonderful Japanese cottons 
available on Marcy's website.
Each design is limited 
and often sells out quickly
but know we get new designs in 
as often as we can.

Butterick 6491 - Shirt or Jacket

This is a straightforward, easy-to-sew shirt
with pleats at the hem and in the collar,
adding a kicky vibe.
Shorten on the indicated lines on the pattern
if you want a shorter version.

The 3-part sleeves are narrow in this design
so be sure to paper fit the pattern.
If you need more arm room
add to the side seam on the
upper sleeve and armscye
or add a gusset under the arm.
I always like to do a FBA as well.

Butterick 6492 Tunic Top

This tunic top is sure to become
a staple in your wardrobe 
just like it has in mine.

Butterick 6492 Tunic Top

I love the in-seam raw edged pockets
and the curved front lines
are very flattering.

Perfect sewn in a Ponte 

Happy Sewing!

PS I can no longer get in to 'reply' on the comments.
Bummer Google, this needs a fix.
So Jan, to answer your question:
Boiled wool is probably too thick to use 
with this pattern.
You could use washed wool jersey
which would be thinner.
Marcy's coat V8934 would be 
a better choice for using boiled wool
but it appears to be out of print.